Most consumers In this worlds economy are always looking for online shopping malls or stores that offer the best discounts and as Jobs are becoming more scarce and people are in need to make ends meet to provide a good lifestyle for their families, coupons, rebates, and online discounts have become a big necessity for consumers from all walks of life.

Discounts come in many different ways, such as coupons out of the local newspaper, special promotions, online coupon codes, mail in rebates, ect. or just general price discounts on goods for various merchandise. Most of these methods are often used by grocery stores, department stores, Online shopping mall stores and the like of many merchants that want to attract the end consumer to buy their products.

Experience has shown that people in general are quite receptive to every opportunity to save as much money as they possibly can – even if it’s only a few cents. The “every penny counts” mentality has become more popular and attractive in today’s society.

How would you like to be involved with a company that offers you all the above benefits and also receive special members only discounts?

head_portal5The ClubShop Rewards Program offers all it’s members many ways to save money on all your favorite products and or services and merchandise from over 1,000 different merchants located worldwide in the online shopping mall. Having all these stores located under one portal website and one membership is a great way for it’s members to accumulate cash back from the clubshop mall.

ClubShop Rewards is always expanding to include new merchants from around the world! By doing this, they ensure that members always receive the best possible deals on all goods and services sold by their merchant affiliates. To find out more info and get involved , get your free membership.

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The Clubshop Rewards program offers our Partner Members the opportunity to establish an online or offline home based business with unlimited income potential.

Our Partner Members have access to the Clubshop Rewards exclusive Training guide, a complete and comprehensive online training program which provides the skills required to become an internet network marketer. This program was designed with the novice network marketer in mind and provides Partner Members with step-by-step instructions in all aspects of building their personal business.

PRO Partner Members are issued a Clubshop Rewards online website to which they may refer prospective Members to register for a Free Clubshop Rewards Membership (Partner, Affiliate or Shopper Memberships) and receive one free personal website like mine.  Glocal generation PRW page

Partner members in the Clubshop Rewards program may distribute Clubshop Rewards Cards and earn referral fees on the purchases made from the members using these cards. They may also refer prospective Affiliate and Shopper Members to register for a free Clubshop Rewards Membership in the DHS Club.

We encourage you to sign up to one of the free memberships

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Direct Seller of DHS Clubshop Rewards Income Business opportunity.

Back in 2001 we started our Independent Direct Seller entrepreneurship with the objective to offer products and/or services to the end consumer by way of a unique system online as well as offline. The company we found to do business with is the DHS Club (Discount Home Shopping Club) while the company is very young (16 years to be exact) they are way ahead in the market place offering group buying power to all it’s Clubshop Shoppers, Affiliate Members, Partners and Merchants.

Because of their unique concept, character and know how to reach the masses the Clubshop Rewards company have set the tone in many markets worldwide.

Our customers include a wide variety of businesses, independent contractors, merchants and consumers from all around the world.

– We are able to offer the consumer the biggest online shopping portal in the world.

– We are able to provide for enterprising people, the opportunity to affordably set up their own business.

– We offer merchants and managers, their stores, businesses and enterprises, the opportunity to benefit from and get acquainted with our customers.

As a partner of the Clubshop Rewards Income Business you can build in an unique way and from the comfort of your own home a profitable online business. We show you how to promote your Clubshop Rewards Income Business utilizing many online and offline channels that are provided for you in our exclusive e-Business Institute Training Center and Business Building System.

Our Business 2 Business offer


Are you a business owner or a manager and wish to gain new customers without making an investment? Well, we have an unique and free offer for you.
a business opportunity that will not only bring you new customers but more importantly, Loyal customers. We have a special customer loyalty program,
which will generate return sales and income for you.

Take a look at this presentation which gives you insight on the opportunity of a life time:
This unique concept gives you unlimited possibilities to develop an extra and in time a full income. As a home-based enterpriser you will enjoy the comfort of self-determining your workdays and defining the hours you work. No bosses that look over your shoulder or push you around and … although you work at home alone, you do not stand alone. We are here to help and give you ongoing support regarding of the growth and needs of your Clubshop Rewards income business.

Building a Clubshop Rewards income business consists mainly in building an organization of customers, fellow builders, merchants and stores globally, you do not solely earn on your personal sales, you earn commission on the organizational sales of your team.

Are you ready to start to make a difference, join for free today! and we will be in contact with you with more information.

Helping “Local and Global” Individuals expand their Clubshop Rewards business
A community of “people helping people” market and develope their Glocal Income Business

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